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7A160 Wet Magnet
Product Description

1. Product description:

High magnetic field, magnetic field, uniform distribution, high gradient, iron removal effect; forced cooling system, good circulation, can reduce temperature by about 20℃, extend the service life; the mesh by special material refined, off the excitation coil power supply, no magnetic retention, easy iron removal; iron removal is convenient and fast, completely no residue.

2. Main technical parameters:

Theoretical magnetic field strength (GS): 30,000

Input voltage (ACV): 380

Maximum output current (DCA): 16

Maximum coil power (KW): 7

insulation grade:E

Cooling mode: double water and oil cooling

Magnetic cavity directly (mm): 300

Pipe size (inch): 3

Production rate (m³ / h): 10-30

Use: for iron removal of slurry below 40 mesh

3. Operation process:

Turn on the power supply device, open the inlet and outlet valves, close the return valve and drain valve, and open the charging device.When all the pulp passes through the slurry iron removal machine, close the inlet valve and outlet valve, open the return valve, discharge the remaining slurry in the machine through the return valve, and then break the magnetic, close the inlet valve, outlet valve and return valve, open the iron valve, add water to rinse the iron substance adsorbed in the magnetic medium.

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