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Dry Magnet 3A160
Product Description

Product features:

Dry Magnet 3A160 has high magnetic field, uniform distribution of magnetic flux, internal oxide film coil, excellent temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, conductivity, field strength and other properties. The heat dissipation system adopts water-oil double cooling, which effectively reduces the temperature by about 20℃ and prolongs the coil life. For anode and cathode powder materials in the battery industry, the use of special material medium net, combined with the United States DuPont UM class wear-resistant coating, in order to ensure high magnetic field at the same time, let the material flow more smoothly, the coating also better protect the unique properties of raw materials; In the process of iron discharge, the medium net can also be rapidly demagnetized, no residual magnetism, to ensure the effective and rapid discharge of magnetic substances; At present, it has been used in the removal of iron from lithium cobalt acid, lithium nickel acid, lithium manganese acid, lithium iron phosphate, as well as ternary materials and anode graphite material magnetic separation in addition to iron, the customer reported significant effect.


Scope of application:

Dry Magnet 3A160 is suitable for the separation of small magnetic impurities (such as iron powder) in fine powder raw materials, and can deal with positive and negative electrode materials, graphite, white carbon black and other powder materials requiring more strict purification. It is also widely used in non-metallic minerals, plastics, ceramics, chemical industry, medicine, building materials and other industries.

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